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Setup for Success

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

"Be brilliant on the basics" is a quote that I use in almost every lesson. By setting up correctly for the shot that you are trying to hit greatly increases your chances of executing the shot. I snapped a few pictures of my various setups for you to try to copy. Simply use a mirror or have a friend take your picture and compare to the images below!

Standard 7 Iron Setup

  • Feet slightly wider than shoulder width

  • Ball position in the center

  • Head slightly behind the ball

  • Hands in center of the legs

  • Relaxed arms

  • Slight knee flex

  • Lead foot flared open 15 degrees

  • Weight 50/50

Driver Setup

  • Tee the ball so that half of it sits above the crown of the driver

  • Widest stance out of all shots

  • Ball positioned just inside of lead foot

  • Head way behind ball

  • Club shaft leaning slightly back

  • Upper body and head tilted a few degrees away from the target

  • Weight can be slightly towards the back foot

  • Soft arms

Bunker Setup

  • Wide Stance

  • Ball position is forward

  • More knee flex than normal

  • Hands low and back

  • Relaxed arms

  • Weight 55% in front foot

  • Clubface slightly open

Pitching Setup

  • Feet are under the hips

  • Ball position in the center

  • Weight 60% forward

  • Shaft is leaning slighlty forward

  • Head in line with ball

  • Lead foot flaired towards the target

Chipping Setup

  • Feet close together

  • Ball position in the center or slightly back

  • Head slightly in front of ball

  • Shaft is leaning forward

  • Stand taller and closer to the ball with the shaft more upright

  • You can grip down on the grip

  • Point both toes slightly towards the target

  • Weight 70% in the front foot

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