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Difficult Uneven Lies

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Using the "TrueLie" adjustable golf mat, Grayson Zacker demonstrates how to adjust for uneven lies on the golf course. It is very rare that you get a perfectly flat lie on the golf course like you practice on the driving range. Therefore I suggest that you spend some time practicing these difficult lies either on the course or sometimes there are slopes on the edges of driving ranges.

Ball Above Your Feet

  • stand taller

  • grip down on the club

  • aim more right to account for the fact that the ball tends to hook from this lie

Ball Below Your Feet

  • Get lower by bending more from the hips and adding knee flex

  • Grip all the way at the top of the grip

  • Implore a more vertical swing

  • Aim more left to account for the fact that the ball tends to slice from this lie

Uphill Lie

  • Set your weight slightly forward with your lower body

  • Sake sure you resist gravity from pulling you back by focusing on going to a full forward finish

  • Aim a little right because the ball will tend to hook.

Downhill Lie

  • Put the ball slightly back in your stance

  • Level your shoulders or try to align more with the slope

  • Hinge the club up more vertical on the backswing

  • Swing down the slope

  • The shot will be lower than normal

  • Tends to go a bit to the right

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