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Send in a video of your swing and, within 48 hours, receive back a detailed analysis with tour pro comparisons and recommendations for improvement.

Online Video Review

  • After purchase, to get started, all I need are some videos of your swing (1 from the front view and 1 from the back view.)

    To help ensure the best analysis possible here are some video guidelines:

    • Set the camera at chest height for both views
    • From the back view try to film right on the target line and go back at least 7 steps.
    • From the front view try to be perpendicular to the target line.
    • Make sure the camera is as still as possible. If you have a tripod available that is ideal.

    You can send the videos via email to or upload them to this Dropbox folder:

    Once I have the videos, I will record my analysis, recommendations, practice plan, and drills to do, etc. and send back to you within 48 hours.

    Also, it is recommended to add a note at checkout with a brief golfing background. Please include current handicap or average score, ball flight tendencies, and any injuries or physical limitations you might have.

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